Road-kill rabbit

This one is not for the faint hearted. Known as flat bunny or road-kill rabbit he came about because I wasn’t completely happy with the shape of Boris’ ears. I wanted them to be more pointed at the top and so after a few practice runs I had some ears with nowhere to go. I once did see a sadly squashed bunny with two little ears sticking up perfectly unharmed and I think also I was subconsciously influenced by some work of Craig Fisher that I saw a few years ago.

Update: It seems i’m not the only one making cuddly yet disturbing things based on roadkill – check out Road Kill Toys and ( I think this is really quite cool) Roadkill carpet.

6 thoughts on “Road-kill rabbit

  1. Hey—sooo looking for the pattern for this! Wanting to send it to my hubby who’s deployed overseas as part of a zombie bunny easter decor….


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