Bunny & Frog phone case pattern

I seem to be obsessed with phone case at the moment – I now have about six different cases and just the one phone. I suppose I could make one more and have a different one every day of the week…

Anyway these two are the latest – a cute bunny and a hungry frog. They both have flip lids/hoods to keep your phone secure and the frog’s tongue is a strap that catches a fly to fasten even tighter!

I spent a long time writing up very detailed, fully illustrated instructions for these and I really want to make a shrug/shawl/cardigan but can’t afford lovely soft wool :( ahh poor me. So i’ve taken the big decision to offer this pattern for sale. You get full photo instructions for both these cases in both left and right handed versions for just $1 (that’s only about 63p). You can either buy now via paypal or purchase through Ravelry:

I have plenty more ideas brewing so check back soon for some more free patterns.

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