Underwater Baby Blanket

So I’m going to be an auntie soon and I just found out it will be a little boy. I decided to make a baby blanket for him and here is the result. I used chunky yarn because I didn’t want to spend weeks and weeks on it. I wasn’t thinking I was going to write up a pattern for this so I didn’t pay much attention to what I was doing so this will be less of a pattern and more just general guidelines for the bits I can remember. For the blanket itself I used this helpful ripple tutorial. I’m not going to try to tell you exactly how many to chain etc. because I’m sure I went wrong and it only turned out ok by luck! Anyway as is fairly obvious from the photo you need blue for the water (I used two 100g balls of chunky but while it said to use a 6mm hook on the label I went for an 8mm hook to make the blanket less dense and more breathable) then change to lighter blue or white for the sky. Then it’s just up to you what you populate your sea with. English crochet terms as always, look at the conversion chart for American equivalents.

Big fish.

1. Create a magic ring with 6dc

2. 2dc in each stitch (12 stitches total)

3. dc, dc, chain 1, turn

4. dc, dc, chain 3, turn

5. 2tr, 3tr, fasten off.

Little fish.

1. Create a magic ring with 6dc

2. chain 3

3. dc in 2nd chain from hook

4. chain 1

5. dc in same stitch as step 3.

6. fasten off.


1. chain the length you would like your seaweed.

2. chain 1, turn, dc the second chain from the hook and each stitch of chain.

3. chain 1, turn, dc the second stitch from the hook and each stitch.

4. chain 1, turn, dc each stitch but whenever you want a tendril (leaf?) of seaweed do the following:

4a. chain the length you like your leaf/tendril

4b. chain 1, turn

4c. slip stitch the 2nd chain from the hook and the next few stitches.

4d. dc the next few stitches until you are about halfway back to the base.

4e. htr the next few stitches.

4f. tr all the rest of the stitches until you are back to the base.

4g. dc into the next stitch along from where you started the leaf/tendril.

5. dc each stitch until you reach where you would like your next leaf then repeat 4a – 4g.

6. continue in this way to the end of the row. fasten off.

I’ll update this post with more of the bits when I have chance to think about what I actually did! I’m sorry it’s not a more structured pattern today.

7 thoughts on “Underwater Baby Blanket

  1. Please notify me of the rest of the underwater pattern i.e. the boat, octopus and anchor as I am almost done with the rest and I need to finish this. Thanks for a beautiful baby blanket. I can pretty much figure out the sun! Thanks!


      1. would greatly appreciate the remainder of the underwater blanket pattern so I can complete it and send it off. Thanks in advance!


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