He♥rt-Shaped Bag


I needed a bag quickly last week to match a dress I was wearing for a big night out. The result is the heart-shaped bag above – it was made in a rush so is not lined as I would have liked and it’s only big enough to hold the essentials but I still think it’s very cute. Here’s how I made it – there are no in progress photos so I hope my little diagrams will help to explain.

Crochet terms are American with English in brackets after each instruction.

To help speed up the process I used 2 strands of DK/Worsted weight yarn together as one (I used two different shades of red for a mottled effect but you can use completely different colours or just two strands of the same colour for different effects) and a 5mm hook.

FRONT & BACK (make 2)

1. Chain 20

2. *chain 1, turn, skipping the turning chain sc [dc] each stitch of row (20 stitches)*

*repeat step 2 until you have 20 rows. Your work should now be square – if not then increase/decrease the number of rows to make your piece (vaguely) square.

3. complete 2 more rows as in step 2.

4. *turn (without a turning chain), skip the first stitch of the row and sc [dc] all the rest.*

*repeat step 4 for four rows. (ie. sc [dc] 4 rows, decreasing by 1 stitch at the beginning of each row)

5. *turn (without a turning chain), skip the first stitch of the row and sc [dc] the rest stopping 1 stitch from the end of the row.*

*repeat step 5 for four rows. (ie. sc [dc] 4 rows, decreasing by 1 stitch at the beginning and end of each row)

Fasten off.


Pin the 2 pieces together at right angles to create a heart shape as shown in the diagram below.

Starting at the position shown sc [dc] through both layers (1 stitch in each row) down to the point of the heart, continue up the other side crocheting through both layers still until you reach the position marked END. Now following the arrows on the diagram sc [dc] through just one layer to neaten the shape. Continue around until you again reach the position marked END and fasten off.

This is the basic bag and you can adjust the next steps to suit how you would like it to close/what you want it to look like etc.


Using the same yarn I sewed just less than half way up each edge as shown in the photo above to narrow the opening and added a small press stud to the centre (a larger one would have been better but that is all I had.) You could instead add a small loop to the centre back and a button to the front.


Attach the yarn to the centre of one side of the heart and follow the instructions as shown on the diagram below. If you would like a thicker strap then just keep repeating this process. Fasten off at one end and weave in loose ends.


I finished off this bag by adding a flower made using the cardboard cog flower loom from the same yarn as the bag and with a button in the centre.

I’m sure some of you lovely people can come up with better ways of closing this bag (a zip and a lining would be very nice) but I had limited time and resources – I’ll hopefully get around to making another, improved version sometime. If you would like any steps clarifying then please leave a message on this post. Enjoy!


Here is a quick sketch of my thoughts on how to improve this pattern (if anyone feels like giving it a go – i don’t know how long it’ll be before I get around to it!).

1. add a lining to the front and back pieces before they are crocheted together.

2. add tabs and rings between the lining and outer pieces to more securely attach the strap.

3. instead of sewing a little way up each side and having a press stud sew up the back edge completely and just have the opening all along the front edge closed with a few decorative buttons (or a zip if you prefer). this would make the usable section of the bag bigger and be more secure.

Copyright & Legal Stuff: I’m happy for you to sell items you make from this pattern but the images and words are mine – I worked hard writing & testing & photographing so don’t copy or distribute any part of this pattern. If you want to share it then link to this page. Thanks & happy crocheting


9 thoughts on “He♥rt-Shaped Bag

  1. I really like your design, also the improved version.
    I think it’s extra nice of you to share your thoughts about improving your already wonderfull purse.
    Hopefully I can make this before the holiday, as a present, or just as a wonderfull purse to match my holiday outfit :D

    Thnx for sharing!

    Love, Ilona

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for this wonderful idea! I made one last night, and it turned out beautifully. I included a chain strap and a handmade heart-shaped button (made by me). No lining, but maybe next time… It’s on my FB page!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Instructions are very confusing been working on this for hours now I thing I would just start out with increasting at one end and decreasing at the other and make one long piece and cross them and then stitch them together and attach a handle next time I try this , love the idea though just the pattern needs rewritten a little better


    1. Hi Anna,

      I’m sorry that you found the instructions confusing – which part in particular did you struggle with? I tried to get your idea of just using one long piece to work but couldn’t fold it in such a way that created a heart shape. I can see that you could created the top of the shape but how would you create the point?




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