Lacy Pink Bookmark

Today I made this beautiful bookmark. It was my first time crocheting with thread and using such a small hook. The smallest I have is 2mm but luckily this seemed to be the right size for the thread. I found it quite fiddly doing the bullions to start with but they got easier as I went along and it was definitely worth it in the end. After I finished I pressed it so it would lie perfectly flat between the pages.

The pattern is called Elegant Bullion Bookmark: click on the link if you want to give it a go. I did have to skip a few stitches on one of the rounds to make the pattern work out and then after I finished I found someone had posted a correction on Ravelry which is as follows:

  • Round 1: Chain 54, not 56.
  • Round 4: Either skip 1 ch when it says to skip 2, or work the chain 5s on round 3 as ch 7s.
The first part of the second correction sounds pretty much like what I did to make it work so do take note of those two points before you start.

5 thoughts on “Lacy Pink Bookmark

  1. This would make an beautiful scarf! And maybe this is just because I’m a children’s librarian but it also looks like a caterpillar. :-)


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