Bookmark Becomes Scarf

I liked the pink bookmark so much that I decided to make it into a scarf. It’s a thinnish lacy scarf – A summer scarf. If you don’t understand the concept of a summer scarf you clearly don’t live in the north of England. Summer here consists of a period of a few weeks where you can wear a slightly thinner coat. But an umbrella must, of course, still be carried at all times.

On particularly warm days a coat may be dispensed with altogether if you have a summer scarf as backup. It fits in your bag and can be whipped out when the inevitable clouds roll over. It provides some warmth while the lacy look allows you to cling on to the idea that you’re still dressed for summer.

I used DK yarn, a 5.5mm hook and I made a few changes to the bookmark pattern – instead of bullions I used double trebles (trebles in American terms). 15 of them at each end and 5 for each shell along the length. I couldn’t be doing with the tedium of working out what multiple of stitches the starting chain needed to be so I just chained as long as I wanted the scarf and when I got to the near the end of the first side of double treble clusters I skipped an extra stitch (or one less stitch, or whatever was needed) between a couple of clusters so that it matched up at the end. Then when doing the other side I just made sure the centres of clusters were opposite each other. you can’t tell at all that a few are not quite the same as the others.

I really enjoyed making a scarf ‘lengthwise’ – it felt much less repetitive than working in rows and I liked having a definite end – instead of looking at it every few minutes, wondering if it’s long enough and thinking “just one more row and then I’ll stop”…..

One thought on “Bookmark Becomes Scarf

  1. Beautiful and very clever. I’m from the South (USA) where we have the dog days of summer that last for several months! It’s winter now yet it’s 60+ degrees F today.
    This would be great in the summer to add class to a dress or top for a night on the town. Would also make a great shawl.
    Thanks for sharing! When I saw the bookmark the first thing I thought was what great scarf the pattern would make.


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