pencil eraser pen holder

pencil holder (1)

A simple little project to make a desktop pencil holder that looks like the eraser end of a pencil.

What you will need:

pencil holder (4)

  1. An old pot or tin that has straight sides. Here i’m using a bread yeast tin; I also tried a loo roll which was really easy to paint and dried quickly but it was too flimsy and lightweight to stay standing up when you put pens in.
  2. pink and yellow paint
  3. paintbrush
  4. gold or silver card
  5. something to make indentations in the card. I have a special tool but you could use a Biro that’s run out, the end of the paint brush or a fork prong or anything small and blunt.
  6. glue
  7. scissors

The first step is to paint the pot. The bottom few cm in pink and the rest in yellow. No need to be neat as the join will be covered by the gold card. My metal pot was a bit of a pain to paint and took three coats to get an even finish but I think it was worth it for its sturdiness.

pencil holder (5)

Now cut a strip of gold/silver card that is a couple of cm wide and long enough to wrap all around your pot. To make it look like a ferrule we need to score lines as in the images below. If you have special kit (thank you to papercraft inspirations for mine as it was a free gift with their magazine this month) then you can score the lines on the wrong side so that you create bumps on the surface. This will also help the card to curve easily into a circle.

pencil holder (7)

Alternatively just use whatever small blunt object you have to score lines on the front. Both methods work fine.

pencil holder (6)

You could also just draw the lines on with a pen if you want. Now glue your ferrule to the pot, covering the line where the paint colours meet, put some pens in and you’re done.

pencil holder (1)

If you liked this then have a look at some other great craft projects on Pinterest:

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