bookmark and scarf

One pattern; two completely different objects.
The original pattern is for a bookmark and uses crochet cotton. To make a lacy scarf just use dk yarn and a 5 to 6mm hook. I made a couple of changes to the pattern to make it work better:

  • use double trebles (American trebles) instead of the bullion stitches.
  • 15 double trebles at each end and 5 in each cluster along the length.

I couldn’t be bothered working out the number of multiples of stitches needed for the starting chain so just chained as long as I wanted the scarf and fudged a few of the double treble clusters/shells at the end of the first side to make them fit. Then down the opposite side I made sure the centres of the clusters/shells all matched up. Maybe I was just lucky with my initial chain but I only had to adjust by one stitch and you can’t even tell on the finished scarf.

˜bookmark 2˜Pink bookmark˜bookmark 3˜˜˜˜

See more crochet patterns on my Pinterest boards:

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