St Pancras USk

Today I joined the London urban sketchers to paint in and around St Pancras international and Kings Cross. It was an exhausting, frantic, freezingly productive, fun-filled day. Here are my sketches in the order they were drawn:

Clock tower of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. I was sat right under the tower producing an odd perspective that I couldn’t quite capture. I also froze my fingers off! I really like the colours though.

st pancras watercolour sketch 1

Tea in the station. I had to warm myself up after the first sketch attempt :)

st pancras watercolour sketch 2

Lunchtime meet up and compare

st pancras lunchtime compare 2

st pancras lunchtime compare

Granary Square, King’s Cross. this is a scene of construction. I loved the contrast of the green cranes with the rust red structure. Between me and this scene was a grid of tiny fountains. They pulsed in slowly changing patterns making a mesmerizing sound. It was still very cold.

st pancras watercolour sketch 3

Towards St Pancras from viewing platform. Heading for somewhere warm I was diverted by a deserted viewing platform. I quickly scribbled this scene before heading for the loos and the heaven of warm hand dryers.

st pancras watercolour sketch 4

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