patchwork coasters


I think I’ve found my sewing level. These were quick and easy (I only messed up the first one and managed to salvage it). Over the last couple of months I’ve tried making a few items of clothing and also tried refashioning some existing clothing. The results have varied from complete disaster to “meh”. The ‘successes’ were all technically functional items of clothing but they either don’t fit, or just look a bit rubbish and don’t feel comfortable. I’m likely never going to wear them. Coasters will definitely get used; two are in use as I type.


Many tiny squares of fabric came free with a magazine and I thought “what on earth will I do with those – they’re so small!”


But there was also a booklet with a few ideas and one of those was patchwork coasters. you sew four of the little squares together to be big enough for one coaster. I paired the floral squares with some cream cotton fabric I already had that has a subtle leaf pattern. I also used this in one big square for the reverse side of the coasters rather than sewing together four more little scraps.


I thought it was going to be annoyingly fiddly and time consuming but actually, because the pieces are so small, there was no need to pin anything which made life much easier. I also didn’t bother to iron all the seams flat as instructed because life is really too short. You create the coaster sized squares then just put them right sides together and sew all around leaving a small gap to turn them inside out/right way around. You were then supposed to hand stitch the gap closed but life is definitely too short for that! since you sewed all around the edge anyway to create the patchwork look I just tucked in the edges of the gap and it got sewn closed as I went around the edge. Yes, they’re not quite as neat or perfectly square as the picture in the magazine but they still look great, they work fine and I made eight in an evening.

2 thoughts on “patchwork coasters

  1. I love this idea. I have been looking for some coasters for my cottage. I checked out Anthropoplogie and there were some that were $40 a piece. So. Not. Happening. definitely giving these a try.

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