Sarajevo 2016

I was back in Sarajevo again this week for work. I decided not to take any photographs – instead I would sketch. I didn’t take watercolours with me so these are all just pencil and sometimes some ink. They are mostly all a double page spread in a tiny 9cm x 14cm moleskin sketchbook. I’ve grown to really love my 0.9mm mechanical pencil over the last few days – you can get thick and thin lines and such wonderful darks. Here is my journey, shown through sketches:

  1. Heathrow airport terminal 2

Sarajevo sketch (10)

2. The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina – botanical garden

Sarajevo sketch (11)

3. relaxing in the hotel room! (I always wanted to try one of these “include your own drawing in your drawing with crazy perspective” type sketches and here it is! I thought it would be difficult with all the foreshortening but actually it was fine)

Sarajevo sketch (12)

4. View over the city from the yellow fortress

Sarajevo sketch (9)

5. inside an amphitheatre of unknown purpose

Sarajevo sketch (8)

6. old men, giant chess and pigeons outside the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

Sarajevo sketch (7)

7. The tower of the cathedral

Sarajevo sketch (5)

8. man reading the morning paper in the park

Sarajevo sketch (6)

9. view across the valley to the cliff below the yellow fortress (seen top right)

Sarajevo sketch (4)

10. view from Sarajevo airport

Sarajevo sketch (13)

11. first view from Vienna airport

Sarajevo sketch (3)

12. second view from Vienna airport

Sarajevo sketch (2)

13. view from my Austrian airlines seat (wing seen through window)

Sarajevo sketch (1)

14. OK, one photo – here is central London as we came in to land (can you spot the shard & the London eye?)

London from the air

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