polling station

polling day.jpg

This morning I voted in the EU referendum. The last few days leading up to this have made me a bit sad – I think we’re all used to politicians publically deriding each other but their attitude of self righteousness and ridicule seems to have seeped into the general population. People who I thought were level headed and fair minded have taken to insulting others who are voting differently to them. Not debating the topics, not questioning the motives of the politicians but simply insulting the normal people who are voting the other way. Laughing at them. Calling them stupid. I’ve seen this from both sides and all sorts of people and it makes me feel sad and a bit angry. I think it’s fine if you want to announce to the world which way you’re voting and it’s ok to debate the issues, but what I’ve been seeing are just childish personal attacks and sweeping generalisations. My cowardly solution was to delete my facebook app for (at least) a few weeks and cheer myself up with a bit of sketching.

My polling station was a grand looking red brick school down the road and I decided to do a quick sketch before I left. I battled with rain, spiders, ants and curious voters. I’m still feeling itchy now.

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