blue budgies

watercolour budgies

Two birds with one brush today, both figuratively and literally. Here are two blue budgies for both day 8/31 of world watercolour month and July 2016 draw a bird day.

This was my first time in a while painting from a photo rather than life and wow! it was very different. A completely different experience and skill set. In some ways painting from a photo is much easier – the subjects don’t move and are already on a 2D plane making the drawing much easier. When drawing from life every slight move of your head changes all the angles and shapes and that’s before anything in the scene has moved of its own accord! but then again drawing from life has a certain urgency and personal viewpoint that is lost when painting from a photo – a photo is already someone else’s interpretation of the subject/scene and my version feels kind of second-hand, kind of redundant. An advantage of painting from a photo is the luxury of time – you can ponder, let it dry thoroughly, try different techniques (rice for the background texture here). I can see why ‘proper’ artists draw and paint sketches on location as well as taking their own photos and making lots of notes to produce a finished painting in the studio. I’ve never done that but perhaps will try it someday.

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