blue grosbeak

blue grosbeak

Another blue bird today since I enjoyed yesterday’s budgies so much. This is a blue grosbeak and I chose to paint it because I think this is the bird I saw all over the outskirts of Mexico City when I was there last year. It seemed common in the area but was such a beautiful blue that I was jealous we don’t have them here in the UK. Yesterday Laura (createarteveryday) commented that she has hummingbirds in her garden and that is just amazing to me as I’ve never even seen one in life. I wonder if anyone on the other side of the world would think of pigeons and magpies as exotic?

This is day 9/31 of world watercolour month. Today I drew the image first with watered down sepia acrylic ink and a dip pen. It proved to be very waterproof :)

7 thoughts on “blue grosbeak

  1. Your birds have a lot of personality.
    Well we have plenty of pigeons too…and starlings and sparrows. But if you look and listen closely, there are always other visitors. Ok, maybe not that color blue! (K)

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