a few more birds



Two final bird sketches today. Flamingos because they’re bright and cheerful and pigeons because I feel I’ve been a bit harsh on them in comments over the last few days. They can’t help the bad rep they get and are just trying to make their way in the world like everyone else. When I think of a pigeon it’s never a single one perched on a branch like the previous two bird drawings. I picture huge numbers of them, flying; flapping; whirling; chaos; wind. They’re ubiquitous and merge in with the crowds of people, tourists and commuters in most cities across the UK. I wanted to sketch their movement and the feeling of the wind from their flapping wings as they fly past, slightly too close for comfort.

Edit: previewing this post I noticed that the flamingos look as though they’re staring up at the pigeons. I like that :)

This post is number 10 of 31 of world watercolour month. There’s still time to take part if you haven’t already. If you’ve always been intrigued by watercolour but never given it a try then now is the time to take the plunge!

world watercolour month july 2016

5 thoughts on “a few more birds

  1. It does look like they are staring at the pigeons! I like it too.
    Pigeons are actually quite beautiful, it’s just that they are seen as such pests, we don’t really look at them. I like that you’ve captured their multicolored feathers. (K(

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