watercolour galaxy


Something different for today – I thought I’d have a go at one of these lovely abstract space paintings that I’ve seen lots of for world watercolour month (day 11 of 31 today). It was fun and surprisingly easy to achieve. I think a lot of it is luck though as to whether you’ll get something you like at the end of it. With practice you could probably know how and when to push it in the direction you want. I added gold and white ink for the stars – you can see them better in the close up view below.

galaxy closeup

13 thoughts on “watercolour galaxy

    1. I splodged on quite a lot of rich coloured paint in pink, red and a few different blues, let it soak in for a little while then tipped up the book to distribute the pools that had formed in the wrinkles. This is when I saw the pink focal point forming – this bit was already quite dry so I steered the paint around it to make the circle. Once the pools had mostly gone I put on some salt and left it to dry. Splattering the gold and white ink at the end. No clue if that’s how other people do these things but it worked!

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      1. Thank you! I’m experimenting with different effects and I think you got a really nice effect with the salt. I do the steering also, and I find that depending on the amount of wetness on the paper, dropping clear water can do cool things as well! Love what happened for you here, and thanks for sharing, Nicola. πŸ’œ

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        1. Maybe I’ll try water next! I was quite impressed with the salt. I’ve seen some people say they haven’t had much luck but it was just a pinch of regular table salt chucked on and produced a wonderful texture. It didn’t appear until it was nearly dry though – when you first put it on it will just look like nothing has happened.

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