down by the river 2

I was determined to paint water again today. the hunt for a suitable spot was extensive – I needed a view of something interesting, with somewhere to sit out of the way and in the shade. That turned out to be a tall order but I found somewhere eventually. Sadly I had to pass on painting some canal boats because I’d have been in full sun and utterly fried by the time I finished :/

Can I also mention how awesome Pokemon Go is; not only is it a fun and addictive game to play that gets you out of the house and doing physical exercise but people are so engrossed in it that they walk straight past me painting staring at their phones. Sure, there were still some people who stared at me (directly into my eyes if I looked up!) like it was a freak but not nearly as much as normal. There was also a nice little girl who actually came up and talked to me (this I don’t mind – it’s the silent staring that freaks me out). She said she thought my painting was very good. Her mum then caught up to her and told her off for speaking to strangers though :/ understandable I suppose.

river (1)river (2)

down by the river 2

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