Digital sketching

So at the USK symposium I was lucky enough to win a Samsung tablet with special pen and drivers, apps etc. for digital sketching. I’d never really done that before so it’s been a bit of a learning curve but I think I’m getting the hang of it. So far I’ve tried out the sketchbook pro app and the ArtRage app; they both seem good. I have a few upcoming projects that will be quite illustrative and need to be drawn with more precision than my usual slapdash watercolour approach so I think this will be a good tool; whether for finished images or just planning I’m not yet sure. I also think it will be great as a “throwaway” sketchbook to whip out when and wherever and practice capturing people on the move. It feels very natural just using it as if it were pencil and paper and ignoring any fancy options. The drawing above is my new hairstyle (a few weeks old now) and what I’m wearing today. A skirt of my own creation! Below are some “pencil” sketches from life and then an attempt at painting with the oil brush in the sketchbook pro app. I copied an actual oil painting for this so can’t take credit for composition, etc. but it was really interesting how the brush behaved – picking up paint from the layers below and mixing on the page. I’m yet to fathom out an anywhere near realistic digital watercolour brush, I’ve definitely seen nothing compared to the real thing yet. I think I’m glad about that.

13 thoughts on “Digital sketching

    1. I’m sure with practice you could get it to look quite like watercolour but it definitely doesn’t feel the same. I think watercolour is all about its urgency, permanence and unpredictability and all of that is lost (or can be bypassed) when working digitally.

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  1. Love your flowing lines and use of colour!
    I’ve investigated art app media, and used it extensively for the past couple or so years, and share about it on my blog. Sometimes I mix my traditional art and art app media in the one artwork. “ArtRage” is surprisingly painterly…other excellent apps are “Procreate” and “Art Set Pro”. I can see you are quite skilled in using watercolour, love using it myself. It is difficult to find the beautiful unpredictable, and whooshy flow of watercolour in an art app; however, I think you’d enjoy the watery aspects of watercolour, in an app called “UBrush Pro” and possibly “Auryn Ink”.
    I find all these new technologies, are such a valuable addition to my creative journey. So many options, both in traditional and iPad media – spoilt for choices.
    Enjoyed seeing your lovely work, on your blog today. Looking forward to seeing your future posts. All the best, Janette. :)

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    1. Cool, thanks. I’ll see if there are android versions of any of them and give them a try. When I paint watercolour I tend to only semi mix colours and I love the granulation and separation that happens on the page. I’ll have to see if I can get that in an app!

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  2. Oops, just realized, that some of the apps I’ve mentioned may not be available on a Samsung tablet – sorry about that. Though some of them may be.. Not sure how I’d be using a stylus thingy; I use my finger. Anyway, hope you have a great day! :)

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    1. My tablet came with the pen but you can get them pretty cheap on amazon or ebay or just use your finger to try it out. I think the software is more important than the stylus – it’s just a piece of plastic. Download a few different drawing apps and try them all out.

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