Wow! Like a spoilt child used to being the centre of attention fluorescent marker does not play nicely with anyone. It smudges pencil into a muddy mess, makes watercolour go crazy and then disappears without a trace when scanned. I had to take a picture instead.

It was the fluorescent jacket that drew me to this policewoman in the first place. Just a little snap on some news website. The guy she’s arrested was pixelated out. I wonder if anyone has ever drawn me and I’ve not known about it. Probably at the Manchester sketching symposium. That makes me happy.

3 thoughts on “Policewoman

  1. Super post! Have you ever drawn someone without them knowing? I want to be able to sketch here there and everywhere but I worry about people not wanting to be sketched. I’ve often seen people in random ordinary places and really really wanted to draw / paint them but I’ve never had the courage to ask a stranger and if I could photograph them for this purpose though, let alone draw them. Are their any social rules around this that you know? Thanks!

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    1. I’ve definitely drawn people without them knowing. Usually from a distance though so they won’t have realised. I don’t think you need to ask permission to draw or photograph someone in public. If they ask you to stop though or look distressed then I would immediately stop and move away :)

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