crochet coffee cup cozy – hdc knit stitch

A little crocheted sleeve for this recently acquired coffee cup is the perfect size of project to try out new stitches. Today is the “knit” stitch, or I’ve also seen it called the stockinette stitch, both because it looks a lot like knitting I guess. It’s just regular and easy crochet though, based on the hdc stitch.

To start, chain a length that is snug but not overly stretched around the centre of the cup. slip stitch to the first chain and then complete one entire round of a normal hdc in each chain. The number of starting chains will depend on your hook size and the cup – for this cup and my 4mm hook I needed 37 stitches.

Now, on the second round we will start the hdc knit stitch. We’re working in a continuous spiral with no real need to keep track of rounds. So, once you’re up and running, just keep going – no slip stitches or chains to start and end rounds.

The hdc “knit” stitch

When you look at a hdc stitch you see the familiar pair of yarn strands at the top of the stitch (highlighted in red below). To complete a normal hdc stitch you would put the hook under both these stitches.


right handed
left handed


With the right side of the work towards you, if you tilt the stitch forwards then you will see that behind those two yarn strands there is a third strand (shown in green below).

Right handed:

Left handed:

That’s where your hook is going under for the knit stitch. Putting your hook under this third loop at the back causes the two normal strands of the stitch to tilt outwards 90 degrees, creating the knitted look.

So just put your hook under that third stitch each time, go around and around until you think the cozy is tall enough for your cup (8 rounds for me – you can see the 7 lines of knit stitch and then the final taller round in the photos). To finish, sc the next stitch (still into the third loop), slip stitch the next 2 stitches and fasten off. weave in ends and you’re done.



The orange version was made in exactly the same way except that the first three rounds were done in knit hdc, then one round of regular hdc then back to knit hdc for the final four rounds.img_20161207_171026

This is a free pattern & you can sell any items you make from it – I wish you huge success. It is not required but you would make me very happy if you included a link to this pattern in any blog posts / item listings / etc. Writing and testing a crochet pattern is hard work and I retain copyright of the images and the written pattern so please do not copy or distribute any part of this pattern and do not use these images in your listings – use only images of the actual items you create. Thank you and happy crocheting.

4 thoughts on “crochet coffee cup cozy – hdc knit stitch

    1. It’s nice stuff – I bought it on sale when I was up north last Christmas (Yorkshire is where all the sheep live so wool is always cheaper there… even though this is acrylic… I guess the companies are still all based there)

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