two layers, three colours

For my second experiment with linocut I used the alternative rubber material. It was much nicer to work with. Carving was smoother and there was less crumbling at the edges. I think this is the way forward. Again I tried a tessellating tile design. First I drew out the areas I wanted to cut away, mostly making it up as I went along:



I wanted to try adding another layer in a different colour (I routed around and found a couple more tiny ink pads that were still ok). So I cut a simple teardrop shape from some lino and used that in a systematic way with pink:


Also, I don’t know if you can make it out in the photos, but I used double sided tape and temporarily attached the stamps onto a plastic lid from one of the dried up pads – much less messy and, because it’s transparent, easier to line up when stamping. I’m very happy with the result for only my second foray into linocutting. I think ink is the way to go too while I still have some as it’s thin and translucent so you get lovely layering effects – I think the acrylic could be too thick and opaque (Although I’ve been told you can get some sort of acrylic thinner that makes it more like ink. Experiments may be needed).


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