ink flamingos!

And the potential for many more! I thought I would try designing and carving a picture rather than just the semi-abstract shapes and textures that I’ve made so far. I wanted to start with something small and something unique, an idea that I’d not already seen someone else do (I’m seeing some awesome plant stamps that I might have to try a variation of one day). This is the result. A stamp for my blog. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Particularly the two colours and the negative space forming part of the beak. The stamp itself looks like some sort of crazy Loch Ness monster creature. After drawing the design on the rubber sheet I realised that I could just cut around the outside shape and I’d only need to carve the eye and lettering. I’m also very happy with how readable the lettering turned out. What looks like a scrap of rubber here is actually the beak/nostril/pupil stamp, which took a couple of attempts because I got confused the first time and it turned out mirrored.


I think it will be used on the back of greetings cards I make, tags on crocheted gifts and maybe contact cards to leave at my next exhibition (in May! better get painting…)




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