sketch roundup: outdoor painting

Here are a few sketches done in the open air, in the spur of the moment and (for the majority) in uncomfortable positions; balancing paint and paper and shielding from the wind and rain. I’ve since learnt of the phenomenon of “urban sketching” and these were done very much in that spirit. Even if a few are very far from urban scenes. Ok, so the nude lady wasn’t in the open air but she was in a cold drafty room and what looked like quite an uncomfortable position…





15 thoughts on “sketch roundup: outdoor painting

    1. Thank you :) I was being a little tongue in cheek as I’ve been sketching with USk for just over a year now. These sketches are all older than that though so I’m calling them accidental urban sketches :)

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          1. You could do what I did, start my own chapter! When I joined USk there was only groups in Sydney and Melbourne. As fate would have it getting the group happening was really easy as I stumbled across several other interested people who had the same idea. We’ve now been running over a year and have a regular turn out of 15 sketchers at any outing. Who’d a thought it. 😀


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