grit stitch placemat & coaster set


This crochet stitch is nice and thick with an interesting texture to look at. It’s very easy and only uses sc and dc stitches but looks much more complex than a simple sc or dc all throughout.

This pattern uses American crochet terms. For English terms replace sc with dc and dc with tr and you’re all set.

Any dk weight yarn and a 4mm hook should work for the stitch numbers given in the pattern. The yarn I used was a thin grey recycled cotton so I doubled it up to make it ~dk/worsted. If you’re using a different thickness, a different sized hook and / or you crochet particularly loose or tightly then you may need to adjust the number of stitches and rows to get the size you want.


row 1. Chain 53

{for different sized projects you can chain any even number + 3. The even numbered chain will be a good approximation to the finished size}

row 2. dc in 3rd chain from hook, *skip one stitch, 1sc and 1dc into the next stitch*

* repeat to the end of the row ending with 1sc in the last stitch of the row.

row 3. chain 2, turn, dc into the sc at the end of the last row (the 3rd chain/stitch from the hook), *skip one stitch, 1sc and 1dc into the next stitch*

* repeat to the end of the row ending with 1 sc in the last stitch of the row.

Repeat row 3 until the piece is as big as you would like the placemat – I completed 30 rows in total.

Do not fasten off but turn the work 90 degrees and continue in the direction you are going – sc all around the edge with 3sc in each corner. Fasten off and weave in ends.


Follow the same instructions as for the placemat but to begin chain 17 and I completed 12 rows but you should add or subtract a few to make them square. Finish by sc-ing all around the edge with 3sc in each corner as for the placemat.

Blocking will make them more square if you want that but I never bothered and think they look fine as is.

Copyright & Legal Stuff: I’m happy for you to sell items you make from this pattern but the images and words are mine – I worked hard writing & testing & photographing so don’t copy or distribute any part of this pattern. If you want to share it then link to this page. Thanks & happy crocheting

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35 thoughts on “grit stitch placemat & coaster set

  1. just started my placemat set. Love the pattern, sooooo easy and such a nice result. I am using sugar and cream in sage green with a border of light taupe for the single crochet edging.

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    • One of my coasters weighs ~8g and one of my placemats weighs ~63g. The yarn I used is non-standard as I recycled it from a charity shop jumper but I doubled it up to be the equivalent of dk/worsted thickness. Your exact amount of yarn needed will depend on the yarn you use, hook size and tension. Maybe just make a single coaster and see how much yarn that takes then extrapolate up to the full set. Good luck!


    • Only that you should try to keep the stitches evenly spaced. Are you having any particular issue? If the finished pieces are not quite square then blocking or pressing to even them up is fine.


  2. When doing this one. I started to do it with the 53 and went on from there. I stopped half way throgh cause it looked small. Now when you do the 53 bu the 30 is it a normal size for a placemat. Caise now mine looks siper big


    • Hi Jennifer,

      because there is so much variability in gauge due to differences in yarn weight, hook size and just natural tension I would always go by measurements of the piece rather than a fixed number of stitches. Chain a number that looks about the right length for what you want (go slightly larger rather than slightly smaller) then just complete rows until the piece is the width you want.

      Good luck!


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