i made this

crochet leaves baby blanket

Another baby on the way. I guess I’m just at that age where all my friends are starting or growing their families. Lots of opportunities for crochet :) 

I based this blanket on a leaves crochet stitch from mypicot.com I found the instructions a little confusing at first but quickly got into a rhythm and didn’t need to keep checking the pattern after the first repeat. I did need to keep unravelling it when I got distracted and forgot to start new leaves on the correct row. That happened quite a few times…

It worked up fairly fast so I also had time to carve a leaf from lino and create a matching card and tag. I tried using acrylic paint with the roller rather than ink pads but it wasn’t a great success – the paint didn’t go on or come off the lino very easily or smoothly. I think I’ll stick to ink pads for now.