70’s Mexican Church


I love the architecture of churches, especially modern churches. Whatever the specific denomination or the decade it was built you can somehow always tell it is a church even though materials and styles can vary wildly. Yes, ok, there are often crosses dotted around the place but not always and it’s still true even if they were removed – there’s just something unique about the proportions and ratios of height to width and window to wall.

This church was a short walk from my hotel in Mexico City when I visited last year. While I sat across the road in a tiny park sketching the bulky, imposing structure a local resident told me that it was built in the 70’s and that they thought it was ugly and couldn’t understand why I would want to draw it :)

At the end of our trip we managed to visit the very impressive Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral and I guess I can see why someone would call this church ugly in comparison but I still like it.

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