fun & colourful fingerless gloves

I can’t draw wearing gloves, not anything recognisable anyway. But I also can’t draw with freezing cold fingers. It’s a struggle just to keep hold of the pencil when your fingers go numb! So since I’m heading out for some urban sketching in London this weekend I needed to come up with a solution. These fingerless gloves are not going to solve all my woes – fingertips are still exposed – but they’ll definitely help.


I made these using fair isle effect yarn from Sirdar. I don’t know how much like fair isle these actually look – pretty much just stripy – but the colours are nice and the yarn is soft and good to work with.


I based these on my own pattern that I wrote many years ago but was feeling lazy so took a few shortcuts with the cuff. This does show and they would have been better fitting had I followed the pattern properly. For some extra colour and fun I added a few stripes of different yarn in surface crochet, which I’m liking more and more every time I try it. Quick and effective.


did you like this?

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