Bankside Lofts

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it painting in and around the Tate Modern with the London Urban Sketchers. No watercolour was allowed inside the building so I braved the cold to paint this striking yellow building, which I later learned is Bankside Lofts apartments. At the throw down, I saw that many other people were also drawn to this bright and sunny tower.

I was wearing:

  • a long sleeved shirt
  • a thin jumper
  • a sweatshirt
  • a quilted gilet
  • an overcoat
  • a woolly hat
  • a big woollen scarf
  • tights + trousers

For the most part this kept me not too cold but my fingertips were still exposed and so they quickly became cold, then red, then numb. Luckily, I managed to pretty much finish and then it was time to head inside for the lunchtime meetup.


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