Argyle colour pooling

Finally I have achieved colour pooling! In the end I had to order a specific yarn (Red Heart Super Saver – Sunrise) which I’m sure cost about 3x as much as it would if it were stocked in any shops in the UK. But I looked everywhere – all the shops that sell yarn near me (and near a few other people too) and there’s plenty of self striping yarn but nothing that would pool into argyle.

The colour change in the yarn itself is very simple – quite a long length of red (purple fading through red to orange) then a short section of yellow, green, blue and that’s it – rinse and repeat.

It still took quite a few attempts to get it to work – moss stitch was the key I think – and even now it’s not just mindless crochet – you have to constantly adjust tension to make sure things line up as they should with the rows below. I’m not sure what I’ll make of this in the end – maybe a shopping bag.



8 thoughts on “Argyle colour pooling

  1. Nice work! I tried several of the yarns that were recommended for the color pooling and just couldn’t seem to get it to work. Bravo to you! I am going to try to make a woven plaid tartan instead, maybe that will help me recover from my planned pooling disaster. LOL

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