three colours, three boats

At the Manchester Urban Sketchers symposium last year we got a bag full of exciting supplies. Some I used straight away but some have been left untouched. This is a watercolour pad and 3 White Nights full pans from Nevskay Palitra. The colours are yellow ochre, cadmium red light and ultramarine.

The paper is very odd, with a tiny mottled texture and a plasticity feel. It gives the impression that the paint will just flow over the surface and off the side without ever soaking in – I think that’s why I’ve not used it until now!

The paint did soak in of course :) but it did flow around quite a bit first – something to get used to – and the paints are very saturated – as you can see in the photos the pans are glued to the pad and I didn’t have anything to mix colours in to hand so all mixing was done on the paper and there were some shockingly strong and dark patches while I got used to the intensity. I like the set up of having the pans attached to the pad – very portable and easy to use standing up or on the move.


4 thoughts on “three colours, three boats

  1. That is an interesting set up. Not sure about how you deal with wet pans dribbling over the page. On the whole I like strong. We were chatting over our work after our USk outing last week and many people were commenting about how bland their work was. We agreed that this was because most lacked a strong light/dark contrast. Your sketches are a grest example of what can be achieved with a limited palette.

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