Last week I was in Malta for work but I did manage to squeeze in a few sketches. We were also very kindly given tours of both Mdina and Valletta with various museums being opened in the evening especially for us. We were very well looked after.


The Corinthia hotel, from across the bay as we explored the area when we first arrived and then a sketch in the garden at lunchtime the next day:


An outdoor theatre, built inside the ruin of an old temple and designed by Renzo Piano:


The saluting battery midday cannon in upper Barracca gardens in Valletta. After watching this I then started a sketch in the gardens but had to scribble and leave as they were closing – only open for the firing!


wooden balconies were a feature seen on many of the buildings in Valletta:


I finished with a sketch in St George’s square while eating an ice-cream. The square was surrounded by benches and wonderful little orange trees – a lady sat behind me was contemplating picking and eating one.


Other interesting things I saw in Valletta were a man walking a cat on a lead and a policewoman patrolling on a Segway.

7 thoughts on “Malta

  1. I went on holiday to Malta with my mum a couple of years back and we loved it. We also visited Mdina and Valletta as well as the Azure Window and Blue Grotto (luminescent caves). The people are very friendly and I love the stories about the house names. Have you heard them? Your sketches are very beautiful and always look as if they’re alive. You may have captured a moment but life is still going on in the movements of the watercolours. 😁

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      1. Our tour guide, Rose, told us about her parents’ house. When a couple is married, they name their new home using the first 3 letters of their names combined – Rose’s parents were Constantine and Dominic – unfortunately this made their home’s name: Condom haha they didn’t think anything of it for decades. It is traditional for the local priest to come round and bless all the homes in his parish every year but because contraceptives are a more modern day concept, nothing was said until the new and young local priest came round and spent half an hour explaining why they needed to change it lol it was thankfully changed to Domcon lol 😊

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  2. Cool stuff. Love to see how you draw Valletta, and the fortress. When I was there it reminded me of monkey Island. You can really tell the sun is strong in your paintings.

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