Granny Square Cardigan

granny_square_cardigan (4)

I was slowly adding rounds to my little granny square and then I saw this child-size shrug made from a granny square by Lulu Loves and I knew I wanted to turn it into that. But big enough to fit me. Which turned out to be much bigger than the square I had. Round and round some more I went. *sigh* still far too small. Round and round and round.

granny_square_cardigan (8)

Eventually I decided it would do and I would improvise so I experimented with folding the square at different points (the one in the link is folded in half but mine would have to be maybe double the size to make that work) and settled for just over a third as below:

granny_square_cardigan (7)

I then sewed a little way up either side to make arm holes and a basic vest type thing:

granny_square_cardigan (6)

I then went round and round in red to make it a bit bigger and in this way it ended up quite fitted and more cardigan than shrug.

granny_square_cardigan (5)

Which could be good. It’s just a little different to how I imagined. What I imagined was a big, baggy, cosy shrug, almost to my knees at the back, but that would have taken me forever to crochet so better that I have something now than a still unfinished project in three years time. Plus, if I’d actually been aiming at a fitted top then I’d be very pleased as it’s quite comfy and fits well. I’m just not sure what the style of this is now. It doesn’t really go with the clothes I imagined wearing it with.

granny_square_cardigan (4)

granny_square_cardigan (3)

granny_square_cardigan (2)

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