Murder, Margaret and Me

mmm2 lowres cropped

In a couple of months I’ll be exhibiting some art at Progress Theatre in Reading for their production of Murder, Margaret and Me. It is the story of why neither Agatha Christie nor Margaret Rutherford wanted Margaret to play Miss Marple on the big screen.

I haven’t decided on the exact form and content of the art I will do for this yet (several ideas are swirling around at the moment) but one definite piece will be the painting above. I was asked to do an illustration featuring various elements from the play in a style inspired by the book covers of Tom Adams for the posters.

This is not a way I’m used to working and it was an interesting process. Some elements, such as drawing with only half relevant reference images (not quite the style of teacup I wanted or objects from the wrong angles…) and no physical objects was very challenging but on the other hand, having complete freedom with composition and lighting was really great.

mmm poster

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