Easter bunny


Easter bunny brooch – felt with pom pom tail. Fairly simple to make if you have the right tools – a very sharp yarn needle is needed to sew on the tail and safety pin – mine is sort of flattened and triangular rather than a normal cylindrical shape so it cuts through the felt. I’m sure it’s a particular needle meant for a specific job but I don’t know what this is and can’t find anything similar in a search.

What you’ll need:

  • a sharp yarn needle (see above)
  • a regular sewing needle
  • a small amount of brown felt
  • a small amount of stuffing material
  • scissors
  • a safety pin or other brooch back
  • a small amount of white yarn for the tail
  • a small amount of coordinating yarn to attach the pin
  • brown cotton thread


  1. cut two Matryoshka / Russian doll shapes ~5cm tall and two ear shapes as in the photo above
  2. with the white yarn make a tiny pom pom by wrapping the yarn around a fork or just your fingers, tying off and trimming
  3. use the yarn needle and coordinating yarn to sew the non-opening side of the safety pin onto one of the body pieces of felt, as shown below
  4. use the yarn needle to sew the pompom onto the other felt body piece



5. place the two body pieces wrong sides together and sew around the edge using the smaller needle and brown cotton. sandwich the ear pieces between the body pieces and sew through all three layers as you go around.


6. when 2/3 of the way around add a small amount of stuffing to the body and then complete sewing around


7. Sew all around again to secure the shape, tie off and sew through the body to hide the ends


et voila!

if that seems like too much hard work then you can always buy a brooch from me instead. Currently featuring the diamond and strawberry brooches shown below, i’ll be adding more soon. Happy Easter!


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