visible mending

I’ve never darned anything in my life but when a hole appeared in my little grey cardigan I remembered some beautiful photos I’d seen of patches and mended clothes. A quick google hunt brought me some epic examples of visible mending and a basic intro to darning. I would have loved to use fluorescent yellow thread to patch up this hole but I didn’t have any and it seemed silly to go out and buy something new in order to not have to go out and buy a replacement cardigan.

elbow visible darn (6)

I didn’t have any special equipment – just a regular needle and some embroidery floss. You can get these wooden eggs or mushrooms to put the fabric over but I saw a suggestion to use a mug and that seemed to work fine. This took me the length of three episodes of American Gods so three hours or one evening. I love it. I don’t often love the results of clothing related projects but I love this. Not just that I now get to keep wearing my grey cardigan but I think this patch looks brilliant. I love it.

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