Taplow Court

Today I sketched Taplow Court during one of its few open days over the summer. The house and gardens are beautiful and the weather perfect for watercolours (not too windy but warm enough to dry fairly quickly!). The few hours I spent there were not enough to sketch even a tiny part of what I would have liked and I never made it inside for a tour. I shall have to go back next time :)

I began with this enchanting turret on the main house. It’s amazing the details you only notice when you start drawing something. In this case it was the different shapes of tile on each section of the roof!

Taplow Court tower

Taplow Court tower

I then moved around the back of the house and was attracted to another turret :) I sketched this very quickly because I didn’t want to sit in the full sun too long, I was feeling in a Quentin Blake style mood, and I wanted to make sure I had time for a sketch of something other than a turret :)

Taplow Court tower 2

Taplow Court tower 2

finally I sketched this giant urn while feeling in a more John Singer Sargent mood. The scan has not come out great here and the granulating patterns in the dark blues and browns are sadly all but lost. You’ll need to add a little imagination.

Taplow Court urn

Taplow Court urn

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