sand & camouflage


Although, not really camouflaged against the sand now that I think about it…

Sometimes when I see a photo I just really want to paint it. This was one of those times. I’m not sure what attracted me to this – I rarely get an urge to paint people :)

I’m not overly happy with how it turned out. It feels rough and a bit dull / muddy. Not to be too down on this effort though – it is an unusual subject for a watercolour, technically ok and I do like some of the details.


After some prompting from Steve Weeks I’ve decided to start including details about the process for each sketch / painting. You readers might find it interesting but also it will be nice to have a record for myself when I look back.

About this Sketch:

  • Materials: 0.5mm HB pencil, watercolours & size 10 round brush. White gel pen
  • Paper: A4 Moleskin watercolour sketchbook (25% cotton)
  • Process: The whole thing took around 1.5 hours including some (not enough!) drying time between stages. The initial drawing took ~20 minutes. I didn’t much like it all the way through – particularly the background – so at the end I just went a bit mad and splashed paint around then brought some details back with the white pen.

did you like this?

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