Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens


The Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens was built in 1842 from the marble of 72 demolished churches.

When visiting the various ancient sites around Greece we were repeatedly told by our guides that we had to imagine the pediments and statues not in plain white marble but bright and striking colour plus gratuitous amounts of gold.

This sounded awful and tacky.

But then I wandered past the modern Cathedral in the heart of Athens and it had all this painted and gold detail and it looked wonderful. So I think I changed my mind and can now imagine a more tasteful, colourful Parthenon :)

The other similarity is the ceiling of the arches here at the entrance painted night blue and dotted with stars. This was apparently also how the entrance gate/buildings on the Acropolis would have been painted so that when people pass under this star filled sky they feel as though they cross a meaningful boundary, leaving the world of men and entering a place of the gods.

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