Eyes on the Skies

A project for my tiny Moleskin sketchbook (14cm x 9cm). I’ve often seen knitting and crochet projects for scarves or blankets where you pick a colour that is the closest to the colour of the sky each day and complete one row of stitches. After a year you have a scarf of skies for your location.

I thought I would fill up my tiny sketchbook with the sky each day. Specifically the tiny bit of sky I can see through the window from my desk:

I’ve been doing it for a few days now. It’s nice to concentrate just on the sky. Skies are wonderful to paint and it’s a shame they are often only a back ground to the main event.


8 thoughts on “Eyes on the Skies

  1. It reminds me, most happily, of seeing a number of Turner and another artists (the name escapes me) cloud studies that I saw grouped together in an exhibition some years ago. It is a lovely idea, can’t wait to see further installments.

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