eyeball brooch

eyeball felt brooch (1)

Below are instructions for making a bloodshot eyeball brooch for Halloween or maybe a gift for that difficult to buy for friend :) If you’d prefer to buy one ready made then you can do that from my shop: bloodshot eyeball brooch

What you’ll need:

  • small amount of white felt
  • tiny amounts of black and either blue, green, brown or other iris colour felt
  • safety pin or other brooch fastener
  • cotton thread in each of the following colours:
    • white, red, black and your chosen iris
  • white crochet cotton or thin wool
  • various needles to suit thread and wool
  • a marker pen
  • sharp scissors

1. with the marker draw two circles on the white felt of the same size (free hand or find something to draw around. I used an ink bottle) and cut out

2.  choose one to be the front and sew on veins with the red cotton thread, branching out from a central point. Machine sewing is quicker but hand sewing gives you much more control.

eyeball felt brooch (5)

3. cut a small circle from your iris coloured felt (for the iris… obviously) and an even smaller circle from the black felt for the pupil.

eyeball felt brooch (4)

4. with matching coloured cotton sew the iris over the veins on the white felt. Again, you can use a machine or hand sew.

eyeball felt brooch (6)

5. with white crochet cotton (or you could use thin wool or regular white cotton thread) sew a small patch of white on the black pupil.

eyeball felt brooch (8)

6. with black thread sew the pupil on top of the iris.

eyeball felt brooch (10)

7. for the back take the other white felt circle and sew the safety pin (non-opening side!) or other brooch back to the centre with white thread/cotton/wool.

eyeball felt brooch (7)

8. place the two white circles together and sew all around the edge with white cotton thread to finish, making sure to tuck any ends from previous sewing inside. You could also add a little stuffing to make the eyeball slightly rounded.

eyeball felt brooch (11)

9. wear and enjoy!

Copyright & Legal Stuff: I’m happy for you to sell items you make from this pattern but the images and words are mine – I worked hard writing & testing & photographing so don’t copy or distribute any part of this pattern. If you want to share it then link to this page. Thanks & happy sewing

crochet brooches (2)

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