A quick rooftop line and wash watercolour to start the weekend.

A little review of the sketchbook I used for this. It is a Seawhite of Brighton 140gsm sketchbook. I’ve got a few of them in different sizes and colours. I’ve been using them for a while and they are my number one cheap sketchbook for watercolour. An A5 20 sheet book cost me £1.25. The paper holds up really well under several washes of watercolour. Far better than many much more expensive sketchbooks I’ve tried, even those that claim to be for wet media. My Moleskine watercolour sketchbooks remain my favourite but they are 25% cotton and 10 times the price. The seawhite books are definitely my second choice from all the others I’ve tried.

About this painting:

  • Materials: platinum carbon fountain pen with carbon black waterproof ink, W&N watercolours (cerulean blue, magenta, yellow ochre, turquoise, ultramarine), a size 10 round brush
  • Paper: A5 seawhite of Brighton sketch pad 140gsm
  • Process: Drawn from a photo found online. The whole thing took around 25 mins.

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