I need a selfie stick

I spent a weekend a few weeks ago making crochet necklaces with cotton and beads:

Goldstone! glass beads with sparkly flecks of copper

necklace (6)

Then I stepped it up a notch and had a go at some bead stitching. Also, I crocheted gold thread to make the chain below. I was surprised at just how much it looks like a delicate gold chain. It’s very light but seems strong so far.

When I was about 15 I developed an extreme allergy to metal. You don’t realise how much metal you have on you on a daily basis. Watches, belt buckles, zips, buttons, studs in trousers, spectacles. So making metal-free jewellery became a hobby. I wish I’d had this gold (made of plastic) thread back then.

necklace (7)

necklace (8)

Look at the effort of concentration on my face trying to get the necklace into the shot. I think I need a selfie stick!

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