Happy little brush strokes


I persisted with the digital drawing for the last week but it’s been so frustrating without me being able to pinpoint exactly why.

I don’t always get what I want as a result from real life painting so it can’t be the unsatisfactory results. In fact, I can sometimes get some nice things from my digital efforts.

It’s more convenient because you just need the tablet and then when you’re done it’s there, no scanning or processing needed.

The actual process of drawing *should* be easier on the tablet because I can undo and erase any time. But it just isn’t. it’s clumsy and uncomfortable. Maybe this is what it was like to learn to draw with a pencil in the first place and I just can’t remember. drawing digitally feels like a chore and I realised that the only reason I draw at all is because the act itself brings me joy.

I feel like one of those people who refuse to read ebooks and have to lug around a lump of paper for their principles. This is really odd for me and the only situation where I can think I prefer the old fashioned way of doing things but I’m going to have to stick to pencils and brushes because that’s the only way making art makes me happy.

After having said I sometimes get good results from digital drawing today that was not happening! see below my first attempt at this scene drawn digitally and the coloured pencil and watercolour version I resorted to in frustration side by side.

8 thoughts on “Happy little brush strokes

  1. I think liking and not liking something has nothing to do with principles. (including how you like to read books…why does everyone think you “must” like digital things?) Why do some people prefer watercolor to acrylic? Does the “why” matter? Don’t overanalyze it….(K)

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    1. :) I think it’s just that generally I gravitate towards the tech options everywhere else in my life so I had an unconscious assumption I’d love digital drawing. It’s interesting that I don’t and, if anything, it has made me appreciate my time spent doing physical art even more. I didn’t put enough value on the actual experience of the process.

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  2. I found that my most ‘sucessful’ digital drawings come when I use the most basic apps. Even though I use Photoshop on the big computer ihave found relatddc apps on my mobile devices extremely frustrating. Too many options might be part of the problem, however I think, as you say, that we forget how hard it was to learn things that we just ‘do’ now, without thinking.

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