angel_statue (7)

A bit of sketching on a Friday evening. I always think of this style of painting as “proper” painting, even though, of course, that doesn’t really mean anything. It’s building up layers in different colours across the whole image rather than colouring a drawing in sections. I wish I did more of this style but I do need to be in the right mood and have a suitable subject. Statues are perfect because they’re largely monochrome.

I was very happy that as I took the step by step photos my phone auto recognised the face in the final snap. :)

angel_statue (1)angel_statue (2)angel_statue (3)angel_statue (4)angel_statue (5)angel_statue (6)angel_statue_lowres

3 thoughts on “waterfall

    1. I always think that seeing the step by step photos makes it look like I had a plan but that is so rarely true! – taking step by step photos is a good way to force me to let it dry, think about what to do next and not mess too much between steps.

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