selfie stamp

Over the weekend I came across rubber stamp portraits that people had carved and thought I would give it a go. First I took a photo and messed about in photoshop to create a pure black and white image. I then inverted it and printed.

black and white portrait invert

turns out that you can fairly easily transfer laser printed images to rubber but inkjet is more difficult. So I went with the old school route of drawing over it with a soft pencil then rubbing it onto the surface.


it worked really well! then I just started carving away all the grey bits…


keep going…


aaaaannnndd done!


try it out, touch it up a bit and hurray!


I look slightly grumpier / more serious than the original photo but I still love it! looks just like me :) I don’t really know what i’ll ever use it for. A friend suggested Christmas cards – I quite like that idea – draw or stick a Santa hat on :)

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