revolution square


This Revolution Square in Bucharest, Romania. The spike on the right is the “memorial of rebirth” but our tour guide called it “the potato”. She didn’t say very much more about what it was supposed to represent so I looked it up online afterwards – this only gave me the additional name of “olive on a toothpick”. It was erected to remember the people that died during the uprising against communist rule in 1989. The flags on the building on the left mark the balcony of the final speech of Nicolae Ceaușescu as the revolution began.

The red mark you can see on the underside of the potato is graffiti. Our tour guide said that it made the monument look as though it is bleeding and everyone agreed it was an improvement so it was left there. The internet says it’s just too inaccessible to clean. I choose to believe our tour guide – It’s very effective and looks as though it could have been there intentionally all along.



The photo above is the Palace of the Parliament. It is the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon and was built by Ceaușescu in 1983. Although second by floor area it wins at being the heaviest and most expensive administrative building in the world.

The rest of Bucharest was equally filled with an interesting variety of architecture:




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