Lost in Time


Yesterday it had snowed overnight and was still snowing so I spent the day crocheting. First of all the best part of every project – picking the pattern and the wool!

Lost in time is the name of a free crochet shawl pattern by Mijo Crochet

It’s very beautiful – bobbly and ripply and tassely :)


Then I was off – very quick rows to start with – always quick rows to start with – sucks you in – makes you think it will be a breeze – be finished in a day – I’ll be wearing it tomorrow!


But no, of course, each row takes just that bit longer than the last so that eventually you don’t even have time between ordering a takeaway and it arriving to complete a single row! Oh woe is me – this will take forever – I’ll finish it just in time for summer when it will be too hot to wear! – maybe tiny crocheted triangles are fashionable just now? no? they just look silly, like woolly hankies? Oh, ok, i’ll keep on with the rows then…

So goes the cycle of every single triangle crochet project. and I never remember the next time. It’s ok though, it all works out in the end.

This is where I got up to yesterday. The real danger is to be tempted away to another shiny project before this is complete.




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