odds and ends hat


I have a big glass bowl full of small bundles of yarn. they’re the ends of balls or the result of an unravelled project. Not small enough to just discard and throw away but not really big enough to use for anything. This weekend I gathered them all up and turned them into this colourful hat. I reasoned that if you add in enough colours then go all the way past clashing and gaudy through to harmony and cohesion again. I wasn’t wrong. Love this hat.

To get the colour harmony going I held two contrasting colour strands together and used a big hook. Then when one colour ran out I just tied on another colour and pushed the knot to the back. The colours run out at different times so you get constant overlap and blending and it all just looks like it’s meant to be.


10 thoughts on “odds and ends hat

  1. What a great idea!! I have a large box which I call “The Box of Odd Balls”. They are not all very small, but many are! I’m making a hat like that!! And a scarf and a half plus a shawl and possibly a jumper… well, may be not quite a whole jumper… :-)

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