little yellow taxi

Over Christmas I bought myself a graphics tablet called the iskn slate 2+

I liked that you can use it as a regular graphics tablet or, with the aid of little metal rings on your pens or pencils, you can just draw normally on paper, using the slate as a surface to rest on, and the image is also captured digitally.

here is the digital version of a little sketch I did today:


and here is the scan of the original (with a bit of added watercolour):


Not bad at all! you can see some places (the arched windows just above the taxi) where the slate has picked up lines when I wasn’t touching the page – I think I just need to be a bit more careful about lifting up between lines.

Their android app is still in beta and it’s a bit frustrating at the moment – quite basic and needs a few improvements but it’s sort of ok to get things done.

The best part so far is that your exact penstrokes are saved and can be exported into a little movie of the drawing:


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