tape it up


I recently ran out of permanent magenta. When I looked to order more it wasn’t available for fast delivery.

I am impatient.

Ridiculous, because the reason I ran out was that I filled up the pan and it will last for months. Mauve was available to be delivered the next day so I thought why not shake things up a bit.

rock and roll.

when I took a peek at the mauve paint by popping off the lid it overflowed everywhere and this background was the more artistic part of the result.

While waiting for my number to be called in the post office I sketched over the mauve with black and white ink. This guy was taping up a parcel. taping and taping and taping. I thought he was almost done and would be gone in a second but, I’m not kidding, he must have used an entire roll of tape on that box.

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